Gardens in Terrace
British Columbia, Canada.

All photos on this page were taken on May 15th, 2004 in the "Horseshoe" area, Terrace, B.C.

This dogwood tree (left) is beautiful every year and makes a stunning main feature in the lawn, backed by tastefully displayed evergreens and perennials.

Very large rocks (below) make the garden of this new home unique.

The curved sidewalk is flanked by sculpted evergreens, large peonies, japanese maple (fine split leaved cascading type) and smaller spreading perennials such as golden "alyssum saxatile" and white "cerastium".

This garden (below) on McConnell Avenue is supreme throughout the seasons. Here in spring a prolific orange Azalea stands out amongst the Alberta Spruce, Japanese Maple, white Arabis and in the background fushia coloured Azalea.

Garden below: From sparkling yellow Forsythia in the spring to stands of Aster in late October, this is a garden that draws the eye at any time. The semi-circular driveway forms a hardscape border for the large rock garden which displays new interests constantly during the growing season.

Terrace Spring Garden Plantings  (close-ups)

Some easy-to-grow combinations that work well in Terrace and area in springtime.

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