Totems: British Columbia North Coast

Photos of Totem Poles in the North Coast Mountains of B.C. Canada

The nearest town for each Totem is given. More information is available by going to the websites of each location. Click on photos to enlarge.

Photos copyrighted to photographers: Elaine Fleischmann, Linda Lee, Al Lehmann. Do NOT copy in any way without permission from the owner.

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Kincolith 1

K'san - Bear

Kincolith 2

Bear Mother

Totem Face

Gitwinksihlkw 1

Gitwinksihlkw 2

Kispiox - Goat

Kispiox 2

Kispiox 3

Kispiox 4

Gitwinksihlkw 3

Gitwinksihlkw 4


Prince Rupert 1

Prince Rupert 2