Horticulture - Terrace, British Columbia - Forced Tulips

Samples of plants which are easy to force indoors in this area. They light up the late winter!


Pink Blush Tulips in Terrace, B.C., February

Tulips "Pink Blush"

(Photo to the left.)

Upright on a table in a large container, indoors, in February.
Photo taken in daylight.

Angelique Tulips in Terrace, B.C., February

Tulips "Angelique"

(Photo to the right.)

Late afternoon, in a large container, on the floor, indoors, in February.
The flowers open and close up again by the next morning.
Photo taken in daylight.

Attila Tulip, Terrace, B.C. January

Tulip "Attila"

(Photo to the left.)

January, Terrace, B.C: One tulip broke from a display of forced "Attila" so it became a cut flower, in a purple hyacinth jar with some lunaria seed pod stems, cut from the winter garden outside.
Daylight photo.

Queen of the Night, Tulips, Terrace, B.C., February

Darwin Tulips "Queen of the Night"

(Photo to the right.)

These are as close to black as we have found available, leaning to a deep chocolate burgundy colour. Growing to 22 inches (55 cm) they are inexpensive, force easily, and are also very beautiful outdoors in the garden.
Photo taken indoors in daylight in February.

Tulips, Triumph, Apricot Beauty, Terrace, BC, February

Triumph Tulips "Apricot Beauty"

(Photo to the left.)

In a large outdoor container at the base of a staircase, these perform beautifully indoors and are readily available at the Garden Shed.

Photo taken indoors, in daylight, in February.

Plant combination with tulips, hyacinth, and euphorbia.
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