A beautiful gift!!
Wrap in its original box....or..... give in full flower!!

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) can be purchased inexpensively at local Terrace stores and supermarkets, requiring minimal care to come into bloom. Pot the plant and water it, following the instructions on the container. With newly purchased plants the flower bud usually appears first, then its hollow stem, which grows very quickly. Expect three or four flowers on each stem. The size varies according to the type of bulb bought. The leaves are long and thick and look good in home decor on their own. When the flowers die, cut off the stem. Sometimes a second stem will appear and flower, also.

Aftercare: When flowering is over, cut the remaining stem and care for the plant with moderate watering and fertilizer and good light. In the Canadian summer, amarylis revitalizes itself best outside. Before frost, bring it back inside. When the leaves die down, remove them and put the bulb (pot and all) into a cool (but not freezing), dark, area. Do not water or feed. When new growth appears, bring it back into your living area and treat as a houseplant again. The plant pictured here has been blooming for us for about 6 years.

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