Terrace, B.C. Gardens - Spring and Summer

McConnell Ave., Terrace B.C. Canada

Crabapple, Lady Grace Tulips, Gavota Tulips. Garden design by Elaine Fleischmann.
These were all visible from the street on May 4, 2005.
Please select small photo for enlargement.

Crabapple Tree

Blossoms on
McConnell Ave.

"Gavota" Tulips,
Arabis & Myosotis

"Lady Grace"
Tulips (tall)

"Lady Grace"
Tulips (open)

Spring: Attila Tulips, Euphorbia, and Muscari

A combination planting that is easy to grow and will tolerate shade or sun in coastal B.C.
Enlarge the small photo (right) to see the full effect of this early May scene and to read planting details. Garden of Elaine Fleischmann, Terrace, B.C.


More Terrace Garden Photos

A Page of Terrace Gardens typical of May 15th - Horseshoe area.
You can grow any of the plants described successfully.

The small photo (right) shows the Horseshoe area from Kalum Hill, Terrace, B.C., in the summer.



Pond Plants in the Shade

Great easy care shade plants around a pond - May 2005
You can grow any of these plants easily in Coastal B.C.

Visit Carl's Garden

July 2005 photos of Carl's garden and pond on
McConnell Avenue, Terrace, B.C.

Note the design: This garden is only one year old, with plans for further development.

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