Horticulture - Terrace, British Columbia

When it's frosty and you crave some new plant life, try your own designs with "Lucky Bamboo".

The beautiful bowl pictured here was made by local artist and architect, Dan Condon, and was bought in the North Store on Lakelse Ave., City Center, Terrace.

"Lucky Bamboo" is really Dracena Sanderiana and is very versatile to work with.


It can survive in soil, plain water, vermiculite, aquarium pebbles, or any other plant medium as long as its roots receive water.

Also, these plants can tolerate very low light levels and do not seem to suffer in our long season of central heating, which is detrimental to so many more sensitive house plants.

Here to the right is a photo taken from the top. A few plants, anchored with natural stones, in clear water has drawn many an eye to the unique pattern in the bowl.

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